We are a group of young scientists interested in taking single molecule measurements into living cells to study various aspects of cellular dynamics.

Selected Publications

Yao Y., Belcher J., Berger A.J., Mayer M.L., and Lau A.Y. Conformational analysis of NMDA receptor GluN1, GluN2, and GluN3 ligand-binding domains reveals subtype-specific characteristics. Structure, in press, 2013.

Lau A.Y., Salazar H., Blachowicz L., Ghisi V., Plested A.J.R., and Roux B. A conformational intermediate in glutamate receptor activation. Neuron, in press, 2013.

Lau A.Y. and Roux B. The hidden energetics of ligand binding and activation in a glutamate receptor.Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.,18, 283-287, 2011.